Bond 2024

Bond 2024

Special Election for a ZERO Millage Increase Proposal - May 7, 2024

Dear Fellow Knights,

At the February Board Committee Meeting, the Kenowa Hills Board of Education took the final steps necessary to call for a Special Election on May 7, 2024.

Passage of the 0 (zero) millage increase proposal would make our Middle and High School campus the go-to destination for outdoor learning, leisure, and sports for all members of our school community.

With a focus on safety and accessibility, individuals of all ages will be able to enjoy activities like pickleball, tennis, basketball, disc golf, or partake in a picturesque nature walk.

Youth from elementary through high school will have dedicated fields to practice and compete in softball, baseball, lacrosse, soccer, football, cross country, and track and field.

The purchase of property adjacent to our middle school and athletic complex would also allow us to expand our course offerings to include Agri-science and the creation of a Future Farmers of America (FFA) chapter, as well as provide outdoor learning experiences in earth and life science through the use of the natural wetlands that are located on the new property.

Please see the flyer below for a list of dates to learn more and get your questions answered regarding the full scope of this 0 (zero) millage increase bond proposal.

Alternatively, feel free to contact me should you have any questions or concerns with this proposal.


Gerald Hopkins

For questions, please contact Gerald Hopkins via email, or by calling 616-784-2511.

Info & Dates Flyer

Bond Proposal Map & Highlights

2016-2032 Bond Timeline: What's Been Done and What is Planned

Parent Info Flyer

Get Info & Ask Questions at the Following Bond Meeting Dates/Times:

  • April 16 @ 6:00 pm - Middle School LGI
  • April 17 @ 6:00 pm - Central Elementary
  • April 22 @ 6:00 pm - Zinser Elementary
  • April 23 @ 6:00 pm - ECC
  • April 23 @ 6:00 pm - Middle School LGI
  • April 30 @ 6:00 pm - Alpine Elementary

Bond Updates

Middle School Additions – Fall 2023

Work continues to progress on time at the middle school. Phase 2 was completed in August, which included renovating four classrooms, two science rooms, the media center, replacing lockers, and repurposing the old auditorium into a flexible learning space. We’re thrilled to be close to completion of Phase 3 at the middle school which includes:

  • Renovation of five regular classrooms and two science classrooms.
  • Addition of a new music wing with band and orchestra rooms.
  • Phase 4 work begins in January 2024.

The foundation for the turf field is nearly complete. The turfing contractor is scheduled to begin turf installation on June 12th and anticipates the project will take about 3 weeks to complete. Work will begin on the track once the turf installation is complete. The video scoreboard will most likely be the last to finish.

Turf is Coming to KHPS – Winter 2023 Update
The Knight Athletic complex is getting a new turf field and resurfaced track. Construction will begin in the spring so that the project will be completed for the fall 2023 season. Marching Band, Football, Lacrosse, Soccer, and Track are just some of the many groups and organizations that will be able to compete and perform on the new field and track. Go Knights!

In 2020, our community voted to approve $67,000,000 to fund the following 10 years of improvements at Kenowa Hills. Major focus areas of this bond include our Early Childhood Center (ECC), Middle School, and High School. The final stages of work at the ECC are underway which include:

  • Finishing touches on the four newly constructed classrooms, a large shared learning space, and a three-season room;
  • Installation of the outdoor playscapes, paving work, and the addition of ground cover throughout the playground areas.

In contrast, work has begun at our Middle School where all classrooms, restrooms, and common spaces will be renovated in phases over the next few years. Areas currently being renovated include:

  • Auditorium and media center, which will become re-purposed spaces;
  • Four classrooms, one set of restrooms;
  • Courtyard between the cafeteria and media center to accommodate outdoor use.

In 2020, our community voted to approve $67,000,000 to fund the following 10 years of improvements at Kenowa Hills. Thank you!

Major focus areas of this bond include our Early Childhood Center (ECC), Middle School, and High School. Phase 1 of construction is currently underway and on schedule at the ECC and we are thrilled with the progress. Amidst all the dust and demolition, things are beginning to take shape. Soon you will notice:
• An entrance off Kinney
• An additional secure entrance and office space for childcare
• An updated heating and cooling system and an updated fire
suppression system
• Two new daycare classrooms; including a new infant care room,
coming the end of August
• More classrooms will be completed in October
Keep an eye on our updates!

We can’t wait to show off the progress! Keep checking back for progress updates!

Bond 2020 Information

Voters approved $67,000,000 to fund the next 10 years of improvements.

Early Childhood Center

  • Renovate classrooms and building expansion
  • Add bathroom in each classroom
  • Replace furniture and educational technology
  • Upgrade playground with age-appropriate equipment
  • Replace tired boilers and aged roof
  • Add entrance off Kinney Ave
  • Enhance security measures

Middle School

  • Modernize classrooms, media center and auditorium
  • Replace furniture and educational technology
  • Expand cafeteria and kitchen
  • Upgrade aging building systems including mechanical, electrical & plumbing systems, and new fire suppression system
  • Renovate restrooms, locker rooms and music rooms
  • Replace band and orchestra instruments
  • Enhance security measures

High School

  • Modernize classrooms and educational spaces
  • Replace furniture and educational technology
  • Remodel extended learning spaces and small group rooms
  • Add instructional space for music programming
  • Replace band and orchestra instruments
  • Renovate Performing Arts Center
  • Renovate and expand Physical Education classrooms, spaces and storage
  • Add STEM classroom
  • Enhance security measures


  • Replace aging bus fleet and educational technology at all elementary buildings

Bond Architecture Drawings

Click here to view the drawings of the proposed work at the ECC, Middle School, and High School.


Click here to access the bond calculator to determine the approximate tax cost based on your home value.

For questions, please contact Gerald Hopkins via email, or by calling 616-784-2511.

Fellow Knights,

I am thrilled to report the bond proposal passed! Thank you to all who supported this proposal by voting yes on the ballot and to the many individuals and groups who worked tirelessly under very difficult circumstances to inform and advocate for this proposal and ultimately our students.

I couldn’t be more proud of the Facility Study Team that spent hours over the course of last year studying and discussing our school buildings and grounds. I applaud our Board of Education for not only having the courage to put this proposal on the ballot, but to also keep the proposal on the ballot given the current circumstances we all face. They did so after careful deliberation with the understanding the voting process could be conducted safely in this first ever all absentee ballot election. Finally, I want to thank the Knights for Education. This group of dedicated, unselfish parents, community members and staff spent hours of their personal time advocating for our students. They exemplified what it means to have Knight Pride!

We look forward to the work that lies ahead. Thank you for your ongoing support.




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